PDA extension for sales & order database system

Expertus Mobile - PDA extension for sales & order database system

Expertus Mobile is a PDA solution for sales representatives.
The software can cooperate with any sales & order database system that could exchange data in on-line or off-line mode via comma delimited data format.

This means that Expertus Mobile can be used as the PDA extension by both modern and old-fashioned systems.

The sales & order database system works in the company center (the main system - PC standard application) while the PDA software works on Pocket PC.

The software provides the following functionality:

Short view of the system
Standard screen of PDA pocket computer
Login and password. Sales representative must authorize using login and password.
data transfer from the central system into PDA
Browsing of database (example: list of customers to be visited)
Record selection (example: current customer)
making order for the current customer - selecting products
amount and total price
additional keyboard can be visible or hidden
more detailed info about product (price for a customer, number of item stored)
searching a product by given fields or free text searching without narrowing to a field
selected records within the database
narrowing list to selected products
return to full listing of products
sending the order into the central database

More information: splendor@splendor.net.pl